Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Family time

This past Sunday we had a friends wedding to go to. It was at a really cool place in Dallas. The same event space Dani and Bobby had their reception at. I knew since we would be out later and it was a school night that we wouldn't be taking Landry and Hayden. 

Dani decided to bring Brody and I was so excited to get my hands on him. I love these three people. Dani and Bobby are such good parents. 

Oh this boy. I know I'm biased but I have the cutest nephew ever. 

It's rare that Tim holds a baby. He's just not comfortable with them and I totally get that. Even after being a father he's still leary of holding babies. But Brody loves him. It's so cute to see them together!

I absolutely love being an aunt! 

Then it was time for the family photo. This was the only time I hated that my two weren't there. It's rare we get everyone in the photo. But that's ok. 

Family time is the best! I am so lucky to call these people my family. 

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Dani Lewis said...

And Brody loves you and Uncle Tim very much! I love how Tim will hold him. Makes me feel special :)