Thursday, April 14, 2016

While Daddy's Away...

On Monday, Tim went to Nashville for a trade show for work. When he told me a while back that he'd be gone I started brainstorming of things the kids and I could do. 

Landry is obsessed with Fuller House. She got it in her head that she wanted pancakes and chocolate milkshakes. I guess on one of the episodes this was done. 

I thought that sounded like fun so Monday night I made them pancakes, bacon and chocolate milkshakes. While we ate we watched one of my favorite childhood movies, Holes. They loved it! Landry thought I was the coolest mom ever. 

On Tuesday, Landry begged me to ride her bike at this great park we have by us. They have a great walking trail. So we loaded up her bike and his stroller and I packed a picnic and we headed to the park. 

Again I was proclaimed as the coolest mom ever! 

On Wednesday night Landry got invited with one of her besties to go to this great pizza place with bowling and laser tag. She was so excited. Since I knew she'd be gone I thought it was a great time to take my boy out. We did some shopping and then headed to one of our favorite places, Rosas. 

Special one on one time with this boy is important to me. Landry had four years of me to herself so I really try and make an effort of this time with him. 

Then daddy got home and we all rejoiced. It was only three days but we sure missed him!


Mix and Match Mama said...

So glad you guys enjoyed life even when Tim wasn't there. Such cute pictures!!

Dani Lewis said...

You are the coolest mom ever. Besides our own mom!