Friday, December 12, 2008

Ice, Ice, Baby!

Last night Tim, Robbie, Melissa and I went to ICE at the Gaylord Resort in Grapevine. Tim and I have always said that we wanted to do this, but never got the opportunity. Robbie and Melissa had never done it either, so we decided it would be something neat to do.

First, we ate at my favorite restaurant, P.F. Changs. This pregnant girl was grubbin! I could eat those lettuce wraps once a day.

I had no clue what this was going to be about, I had only heard about it, but never met anyone who had actually gone through it. It was the neatest experience. We had such a great time. Everything in there was made of ice. We had to wear these huge heavy coats. They sure kept us warm though. They keep it 17 degrees in there, so we had to wear something. The only thing that got cold on me was my nose. We all had Rudolph noses by the time we came out. It is definitely worth it for you to go.

I had a little tumble while there. The 4 of us decided we wanted to get our picture taken on the ice Santa's lap, and after they took our picture, I tripped going down the stairs and hit my knee hard on the railing. No worries though, the baby is still good. I just have a huge bruise on my knee. My balance is not what it used to be!

The Christmas Tree when you walk into the Gaylord Hotel

Us in our big coats

Us on Santa's lap right before I ate it!

Tim on the ice slide!

This was a Gingerbread house that was made with real ingredients!

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