Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Baby's Room

I've decided to jump on the bandwagon and join Shay in the "Show Us Where You Live Tour"! So, for this week, we are going to have the dweller of this room show you around.

Hello, my name is Landry Kate, and this is where I live!

Here is where I sleep every night. My mom wanted to do a simple theme in my room and I love the brightness of this pink. That is also my lamb that mom must remember to take out when I go in, or else that lamb would be covered in drool!

Here is my name above my crib. I will hopefully be able to use these in my big girl room as well.

Here is my toy box. My mom found this cute basket and put some ribbon on it and voila, a toy box! The doll in front of it was my moms from when she was a little girl.

This is my chair where I sit each month to take my monthly pics. The lamb in it was given to me by my Mimi and pop.

This is where my mom rocks me every night. We say our prayers in this chair and we sing songs in this chair, and I get my nightly bottle in this chair. This is my moms favorite time of the day with me.

This is my changing table that I am now trying to squirm off each night. It is getting harder for my mom to keep me on here. The baskets hold my diapers, my medicine, my socks and my shoes.

These are the pictures of my mom and dad when I was in moms belly taken by my mom's friend Hilary. The sign was made for me. My mom loved that saying and my Mimi had it ordered for me.

This is my bookshelf. My mom loves this piece because everyone in my life gave me something to put on it. My great grandma gave me the frame, my mom's best friend Shay gave me the sign with my name on it, my Pop gave me the dragon and the book to go with it, my Mimi gave me the piggy bank, my aunt Stephie gave me the monkey and my grandma gave me the Precious Moments doll.

My Aunt Dani made this for me. She loves me soooo much!

And, because no girls room would be complete without the closet-tada! All my clothes. My mom loves dressing me up.

That about wraps it up. Thanks for coming in and seeing my room.


The Shull Family said...

Yea!!!!! I love Landry's "crib"!!!

Love, Dani said...

Aunt Dani does love her sooooooooooooo much!