Monday, June 15, 2009

A Reunion of the Family

This weekend we went to my Grammy's family reunion. This was a fun experience for Landry. She is such a people watcher. The mall is her Disney World, that is until she gets to go the the real thing in August!!! She watched every person that came in and of course each person stopped to talk to her. She was the youngest person there. When I was born 27 (almost 28) years ago, the family was a lot smaller and we counted all the family, and I was the 100th Butler to be born. Every reunion I go to, I am reminded of that fact. Landry was the star this year. My glory days are over!

Here are my girl and I ready to go!

Here is Landry with her Grammy. She loves Grammy.

Here are my sister and Bobby. Such a cute couple!

Here she is with her Granddaddy.

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