Monday, June 1, 2009

Landry's Dedication Weekend

We had a great weekend! I'm going to highlight some of the fun things we did.

Friday- I had the day off, so Landry and I hung out with my parents all day. My mom and I really wanted to see this movie:
It was FANTASTIC!!! I highly recommend you go and see it. If you have kids, take them. My mom and I cried twice. It is one of the most endearing movies I have seen in a while. Then, Friday night, Tim came out and met us for dinner where he proceeded to ruin his outfit (Yes, I know boys don't wear outfits, but for lack of better words, we will say outfit). As we were just starting to eat our food, a man and his son were throwing the football by our table (we were at an establishment where there is a sand volleyball court and you can play ball), and the man proceeded to not catch the football and my grandfathers glass of wine spilled all over Tim's shirt, shorts and new tennis shoes! A red glass of wine, no doubt! Luckily it was my even keel husband who never lets anything get to him, because if it had been me, the man's head would of been chewed off and we would of left right then and there. Not all is lost though, my dad cleaned it with his magical potion of Oxyclean and it came right out.

Saturday- We got our hair done and then went strawberry pickin with Melissa, Austin and 3 of the girls from our youth group. I was late so I didn't get to pick anything, but will definitely be going back this summer. You just grab a cute basket and start pickin! It looked like so much fun, but with a 4 month old in a stroller, it was kind of hard. Next time, I will drag Tim or just not take her. But we did get some cute pics of Landry and Austin sportin their sunglasses!

Sunday- We had Landry dedicated to the Lord at our church! She did such a good job up on stage. I was worried a little during the prayer, she started to get a little antsy, but turned out to just be gas! Wouldn't you know it. We headed back to our house afterwards and had a little celebration with our close friends and family. All of Landry's best buds were there! My dad and Tim"s dad grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. They were delicious. Here are some pics from the dedication.

Here is my family

Here is Tim's family

Here is us with our best friends, the Shull's

Here are Landry's best friends:
Kensington (with her daddy)


And Brady Boozer

Landry with her great grandparents

We had such a great time! Thanks to all who made this a special day for us.


Sara said...

Oh, Kara, your sweet Landry is SO adorable!!!!! She is getting so big and looks so happy!!

katy said...

congratulations! what a fun weekend!