Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Well, actually it has looked like Christmas since the day after Thanksgiving, but I am a fairly new mom who is just now getting around to posting this. By the way, totally off the subject, how long are you allowed to be a new mom? I find myself using it still, even though Landry is 10 months old. I'm going to just allow myself to still use it. Anyways, back to the subject at hand, here is our house all decorated for the Holidays.

The mantle. I am so proud of our stockings. Last year, the day after Christmas, I ran out (as much running as a woman who is 9 months pregnant can run) and bought 4 of these. I will eventually have our names monogrammed on them. I just bought the stocking holders and I absolutely adore them.

Our tree. My one delight each year is decorating this. I am not one who has matching ornaments or does a color palette, I do all the old "sentimental means something to me" ornaments.

My table scape. I only know those words from watching Sandra Lee on the Food Network. I love these little plates we have.

Our outside of the house. You will notice that I do not have lights on the actual house. I did not in fact marry a Clark Griswold. You will notice that there is also a patch where there are no lights. Please don't judge! Tim is terrified of getting on the roof to hang lights. So, this is the only lights we have attached to the house and even I had to reach up at the top to string them! Love ya, Tim!

That's about it for my decorating. There are a lot of ideas floating in my head that I would like to eventually do and buy, but for now this is about it.
Also, here is just a cute something I saw on another blog, and copied it for Landry.
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Ashley said...

Your house is so pretty!
PS: I say you can use the 'new mom' thing until you have baby number 2 ;)