Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happenings lately

I absolutely love this time of year. 
It has been such nice weather lately and awesome patio weather. 
I have sat on a patio twice this week to eat and did not want to leave!
Here are just a few things going on lately in the Smith house
Saturday night we went out to eat at one of my new favorite restaurants.  My parents friends son is the head chef and recommended we try it and it did not dissapoint.  If you live in the Dallas area, you must try St. Ann's, it is yummy and has an awesome patio!

Landry discovered her first powdered donut.  Powdered donuts are on my list of favorite foods.  I hardly ever have them in the house, but my mom and I had a garage sale last weekend and I got some for us to have and then brought the rest home for Landry.  She loves them!  It's only natural that she does though, seeing as how my mom, sister and I love them too!
Guess who got their first ever passports?  That would be Tim and I.  Neither of us have ever had one and we are so excited to be able to use them in a week and a half!  Seeing as how my BFF probably has hers almost full, I was pretty excited to get ours.
I had "one of those days" yesterday and my sweet husband knew it and brought me a yummy shamrock shake from McDonalds.  Ever had one?  Oh my gosh, they are so good.  Made with mint ice cream.  Well, I only got about two sips in before someone else grabbed it and proceeded to eat almost all of it!  Guess she had a bad day as well!


The Shull Family said...

Yummy! I'm going to have to try a Shamrock shake now! I love mint ice cream. PS: I'm super excited aboout your passport!

Love, Dani said...

I keep meaning to try that shake! Give Landry kisses