Tuesday, March 1, 2011


To me, the most important thing in life besides my faith would be my family. 
I treasure the times I have with them be it a vacation or just a weekend at my parents house. 
We always have such fun together and with Dani and Bobby getting married in 6 months and 9 days spending time with them is crucial to me. 
This past weekend we got to do just that. 
First, on Friday I got Landry's hair trimmed by Amy. 
 Landry has gotten used to doing this and sits so well and just stares in the mirror at Amy cutting her hair.  After that we went back to my parents house and hung out for a while before dinner. 
Have I told you about Landry's obbsession with Bobby? 
I have. 
Well, here is more proof. 

Saturday, we went to lunch and sat outside.  It was beautiful here Saturday.  I love sitting outside to eat.  Makes me feel like I'm on vacation somewhere. 
Dani went and got her and Landry some ice cream to share for dessert. 
 Saturday night we sat outside again for dinner and this time my hubby got to join us! 
My parents took us to the popcorn place across the street from the restaurant and this is .2 seconds before she pulled the lever and a pound of m and m's came flying out. 
Yea, sorry about that nice boy who had to come clean up after her.  She just wanted some pink m and m's.  
 Somehow, bath time at mimi and pop's is more fun. 
See that cup in her hand?  It has Selena Gomez on there drinking milk.  Landry thinks it is is Aunt Dani so we just let her think that now. 

Sunday we got to spend some time with Tim's family too!  We went out to his aunt's house in Commerce and ate some yummy fish! 
We took Landry's 4 wheeler out there and she had plenty of room to ride. 
 Here she is getting assistance from daddy and bumpa. 
She can ride until she bumps into something then needs somebody to turn her around. 
I just love Diane's house. 
I also love the screened in porch on the backside. 
Sunday was beautiful and overcast and perfect weather for sitting out there. 
 Oh my gosh, Tim's family sure knows how to cook! 
We had yummy fried fish, homemade hush puppies, french fries, cole slaw and brownies for dessert. 
Landry decided this was the day to eat a green onion! 
She asked for it and I thought she was going to hate it, but ended up eating 3! 
Her breath was lovely, let me tell you! 
So, so lucky to have such a great family on both sides


Anonymous said...

Landry is crazy cute. ;) In fact, she reminds me of my sister when she was little. (My sister was also super sassy...and it looks like Landry is too!)

My sister is all grown up and married now, but when she was little she had the same exact haircut as Landry. The EXACT same cut. If you're anything like my mom, you are probably spending a fortune on haircuts (she had to get it cut all the time). My mom would complain that bows would never stay in it, and she never new what to do with it.

Anyway, my mom's friend (who cut her hair) finally suggested for my mom to let my sister's bangs and the sides of her hair grow out. It took a little time and patience, but it was so cute once it grew out and so much easier for my mom to manage!

p.s. LOVE her pink shoes in the 5th picture!

Erin Huber said...

Landry is adorable and I love her name! I also love your blog!