Monday, March 14, 2011


This weekend we had a lot going on. 
Friday night we went out with Tim's family for his grandmother's 85th birthday. 
She is so cute!  When she saw the size of this cake, she got so excited. 
Landry loves playing with her two cousins Jack and Reed. 
I love that she has cousins that are close to her age. 
She also loves her Aunt Steffie!
Tim's whole family

Saturday we went to Brady's 4th birthday party.
He had it at Allison's Playhouse
It was such a neat place to have a party
Somehow, through all the picture taking, I managed to get no pictures of the birthday boy!
The kids got to make their own superhero capes
Cute lil Charley
This is what most of the dads did the whole time!

Saturday afternoon we went to get my car washed and Landry was fascinated by all the cars going through the washer.  She got really excited when she saw my car coming through
Sunday we went out to my parents house and guess who got in the pool for the first time this year
Landry loves standing on the diving board. 
I can't wait till this summer!
My parents are working on making the side of their yard a play area for Landry and future grandkids and my dad started yesterday.  I can't wait for it to be finished.
My girl and I matched yesterday in our ponytails, green shirt and yoga pants
Landry and Mimi playing restaurant
.  Landry has really started getting into playing pretend

We had such a great weekend and the weather was so nice that we were really able to enjoy being outside!

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