Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Texas Weather

Remember what I said in the previous post about it being such nice patio weather?
Well, scratch that!  It got so cold Sunday.
Despite that, we had a great weekend
Saturday night, we had Dine by Design at church. 
Hilary decorated our table and did an awesome job.
 It looked so good!
My place setting
Love this girl!
Sunday, Landry and I spent the day at my parents house. 
My mom had taped Landry's new favorite show, so this is where she sat with a banana in hand
While Tim and I are on our cruise, my parents are keeping Landry for the week so they decided it was time to upgrade her pack n play to a big girl bed at their house.  We found the cutest little bed and bedding and my mom is going to fix up the room.  Landry did so good and slept the whole night and napped in it without getting up!
Sunday night, we took my cousin Chase out for his 20th Birthday. 
We have discovered that my daughter has a thing for cute blonde boys. 
She loved Chase and kept staring at him, it was the cutest thing. 
Paw Paw went with us and he and Landry were playing peek-a-boo. 
My 82 year old grandfather is not above playing and acting like a 2 year old!
Do you see the look on Landry's face? 
This is what we get when we say "Landry, say cheese"
See what I mean?
She loves him!
I love my Paw Paw so much. 
I have been blessed with 2 awesome grandfathers whom I adore.
Love this boy so much!
I was 10 when he was born, just at the right age to start helping to babysit. 
They lived about 5 minutes from us at the time he was born, so in the summer, I was there daily.
Funny story about me and Chase: When my Aunt Karen went into the hospital to have him, it was the first time I had ever been to a hospital to see a baby being born.  I felt so special that I got to hang out with her and be there right after he was born.  We were sitting there watching tv and I wasn't paying much attention when a baby cried on the TV and I said "Aunt Karen, I heard the baby cry from inside your stomach"!  I had actually thought it was him crying and I could hear him.  Wow!  I wasn't so bright back then!

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