Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Texas Tradition

Every year, us Texans gather at Fair Park for what is known as
the Texas State Fair!
It's not officially fall for me until I've had a pumpkin spiced latte and been to the fair. 
We took our official picture with Big Tex
Landry went into the petting zoo and we saw a momma pig with
her babies
And we saw a 1200 pound pig!
We went to look at all the cars and my heart skipped a beat
when I realized that in 13 years, this will be a reality for us!
We ate lots of yummy food
(that's required, right?)
We watched the dog show
We rode rides
(we can't go somewhere with rides, and not ride them)
We had such a good time with my parents and Tim's parents.
I would call this a successful trip to the fair!


Mix and Match Mama said...

We both posted our fair pics on the same day :). Great minds think alike. Love you!

Ashley said...

Looks like fun! And at least you have 13 years before Landry drives...I only have 5 :(! Xo!