Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Well, Hello There!

Wow!  I had no intentions of taking a month off from blogging.  It has been a crazy month filled with lots of blessings and goings on.  Here are some of the things we have been up to...

We celebrated both of my parents Birthdays.  We took my dad to one of our favorite Italian places and took my mom to Mi Dia in Grapevine.

We went to the Grapevine Festival and rode the carousel, tea cups and train.  I love rides, and now, so does Landry!  No fear I tell you.

We went to Colton's Birthday party at a bounce house.  She was loving it.  Poor thing was worn out after 2 hours of non stop fun and took a great nap!

I joined Instagram!  I'm loving it.  It is such an easy way for me to post random pictures and to be able to keep up with friends.  Here are just a sampling of pictures I have posted lately.

                          Landry loves to stick her tongue out and take a silly picture with momma
We went to the Boozers new house a few weeks ago, and these girls loved playing together!
We met my parents for lunch a few weeks ago in Southlake, and we
can't leave there without getting some ice cream!
This was at my moms Birthday dinner
It's not officially Fall until I've had my first Pumpkin Spiced Latte
This girl could eat yogurt every night if we let her
I got to have a girls night out last week and spend some time with
my sis-in-law!  Love being able to do that!
We invited the Boozers over for dinner Saturday night and the kids wanted
to eat at Landry's picnic table. 
Can I just tell you how smitten Landry is with Brady Boozer? 
Wow, she talked about him coming over all day, and once he
got there, she never left his side, so cute!
This morning I heard Landry in her room before I went in there to get her up.
She said "mommy, I waked up". 
I told her to just take her jammies off and get herself dressed.
I was curious to see what she had on, and to my surprise, it actually matched.
Not exactly what I would of picked out, but every once in a while I like her to express herself!
I think that about covers what you've missed.
We went to the fair Sunday, so I'll do a post in itself for that one.
Happy October!


Ashley said...

Welcome back!

Mix and Match Mama said...

I've missed your blogging!! Yay! Welcome back!!