Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!
We had such a good day.
This morning we went to my work for our
annual festival.
Landry decided to be Minnie Mouse this year.
Me and my little girl
My girls at work and I decided to dress up
today as the 3 Blind Mice!
I have such a good time at work with them
and I'm so lucky to have good friends to work with.
Tonight we went to our church's Trunk or Treat.
We hung out with Landry's favorite person, Brady Boozer
And his sister Charley
We are so lucky to be friends with them.
My girl loves those Boozer kids so much!
They had a bounce house and slide and Landry went down
about 5 times in a row!
She loved it
Happy Halloween from the Smith Family


Mix and Match Mama said...

Happy Halloween Minnie Mouse! We love you!

Amber Massey said...

Great costumes! LOVE Minnie Mouse:) Looks like y'all had a great Halloween!! Love you!