Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dear Landry


Dear Landry-


As we come up on your last days as my only child, I am filled with overwhelming thoughts of it only being the three of us for just a short while longer.  In just a few short days you will become a big sister.  In some ways I still feel like you are still a baby.  Then, you go and do something like write your whole name or get your first loose tooth or tell me how to spell pop.  Then, I remember that you are not a baby, but are 4.5.  You are definitely the light in my life.  I look forward to waking you up every morning and picking you up from school every day.  I love the long conversations we have and the fact that you talk as much and as loud as I do.  I love that while we eat dinner, you tell us about your day and what it was filled with and what your daddy and I missed.  Being our only child for 4.5 years has made you very independent.  You love to go to your room and color or write the alphabet on your notepad.  You love to play house and play with your babies and tell me that you are going camping or to the zoo.  Hayden is going to be one lucky little brother.  He will learn all sorts of things from you.  I cannot wait to see you as a big sister.  The days of just the three of us are coming to an end, but it’s ok-because God has given us such a great gift, and I can’t wait for you to meet him!  The last 4.5 years have passed by so quickly, and I have loved them so much.  You are my sunshine and you remind me that it’s the small things that matter the most in life.  


I love you!




Anonymous said...

Omg I'm in tears! What an amazing post to her. I love you both!

Love, Aunt Dani aka Ninny

Mix and Match Mama said...

This is such a sweet post! You are going to love being a family of 4! Four is just so much fun! Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

This just made me tear up! You said everything in this post!! She def will be a great Big Sister and a wonderful teacher to him!!! You 4 will be an amazing force!!! Love yall!!

Anonymous said...

Nicely done Pood! Landry is one lucky little girl!

Love You!
Dad, aka Pop