Friday, April 11, 2014

Hayden is 6 months old!

Six months.

Half a year.

This boy has been in our lives for 6 months, and each day just gets better with him.  


Hayden is changing every day.  He is starting to mummer what sound like words, but then just ends up being blabber.  


He loves his big sister.  Every morning she wakes him up with me and the first thing he does is look for her.  Then when their eyes meet, he just stares.  And then he smiles.  I love it.  I pray that they will have an awesome relationship.  Even though they are 5 years apart, I hope they always lean on each other.  



This month we started eating breakfast and dinner along with 4 bottles a day with 7 oz. of formula in them.  He loves all the food we feed him.  He hated peas until I started mixing them with broccoli, and now he loves them.  


He tried his first bite of ice cream


And his first French fry.  


He loved both!  We also started feeding him mashed potatoes at dinner, and he loves them too.  I have a feeling he will like anything we put in front of him, at least I hope so.  Landry was always such a good eater too.  



He is starting to sit up on his own, so he loves this wooden cube my grandparents got him for Christmas.  


It has 4 sides of activities and then stuff on top to play with.  


Tim’s parents bought him this jumperoo for their house, and he loves it!  


He loves the one they have at school too, and when I pick him up in the afternoon that is where I will usually find him.  


We bought him a Johnny jump up and he likes it ok, but only for a good 10 minutes, and then he wants out.  Landry loved hers and would sit in it for hours, so maybe I’ll wait till he’s a little older.


We’ve also started playing peek-a-boo, and he loves it!  It makes him laugh every time, especially when Landry does it with him.  It’s usually how we keep him occupied while I’m cooking dinner and he wants to be held.  



This boy can sleep anywhere, and I mean anywhere!  The other day, I was changing his clothes on the changing table and I went to throw his clothes in the dirty clothes hamper, and came back, and this is what I found.  


In the 20 seconds I was gone, he had fallen asleep!  


We went on a Target run at night, and I laid him in the cart and he was asleep within 10 minutes!


I was holding him at my Aunt’s birthday party and he fell asleep just sitting in my lap


Then, the other day at lunch after church he was getting kind of fussy, and Tim took him out of the high chair to hold him, and he fell asleep sitting in Tim’s lap just like this!


Some highlights from this past month:

I had their pictures made last month and thought they turned out super cute


It was so nice out one afternoon, so Hayden and I came home and put on our tank tops and went outside to watch sister on her scooter


My parents got both kids chairs and Saturday morning we were playing in them, and Landry decided to be the teacher and Hayden was her student.  I remember playing school with Dani, and I always got to be the teacher too.  Like mother, like daughter I guess!


We met my mom and Dani for dinner last week on the Mi Cocina patio because it was so pretty outside, then not 2 minutes in the car ride home the winds came in and the hail started blowing and rain came down.  It was crazy!  #Texasweather



Hayden Timothy-

We love you so much! Life just keeps getting better and better for our lil family.  You are such a sweet natured little boy and you always have a smile on your face.  I love how calm natured you are and that you are such an observer.  I love the fact that you are so much like your daddy.  The looks you give me and your smile are just like daddies.  I wouldn’t have it any other way!  Love you little man!

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Anonymous said...

Aw, Hayden...I love how you just look at me and smile when I make funny faces. I love the feeling of holding you and watching you just get excited cause I am being crazy!! We will have plenty of those moments in the future and I cannot wait for them!! I love you so much "Handsome Hayden!"

Love, Aunt Steffie