Monday, April 14, 2014

Our fun filled weekend!

This weekend was so fun!

We spent the majority of it outside, that is until it rained yesterday, and then we remained indoors for the remainder of our Sunday.


Saturday morning, mom, Landry and I set out for Southlake.  There were some neighborhood garage sales and it was the perfect day to go!  I love spending time with my mom and daughter.  Three generations of crazy in this picture!


Then, Saturday night we headed to our favorite outdoor place, Joe T. Garcia’s!  We love eating here, especially if the weather is as nice as it was Saturday.  


Sunday morning, I let the kids take a bath together.  Hayden has outgrown his baby tub, but isn’t quite stable enough to sit in the tub alone, so we put the bath seat in.  They loved it!  I think they could have stayed in there all day if I had let them.  


Me and my baby boy all ready to get our worship on!  


Reason 8, 467 why I love Landry Kate.  As I opened my grocery notepad, I found this:


We find her name everywhere.  I love it though!


Last night we headed over to Tim’s parent’s house to eat and hang out.  Landry wanted to dye Easter eggs.  


While she did that, brother did this:


Growing up, I wore sponge rollers almost every Saturday night, that way my hair would be curly for church on Sundays.  So last night, I initiated Landry and she wore sponge rollers for the first time to bed.


The before:


The after:


Goodness, I’m glad she got the good hair gene.  I’m so envious of her bouncy curls.  She loved it, and now come Saturday night before Easter, I know what we will be wearing in our hair!


Such a wonderful weekend with my people!

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