Monday, November 17, 2014

Making my list...

Happy Monday!  Oh who am I kidding?  Mondays are for the birds.  I feel like I’m always running around on Monday mornings like a mad woman trying to get everyone ready and out the door on time.  It’s like the weekend gives me amnesia and I forget how much time it takes to get all that’s needed to get done, done.  


But anywho, let’s recap the weekend…


On Friday night, Tim’s parents requested to have Landry spend the night.  My answer? Of course you can!  It was perfect timing on my part because we had a busy Saturday planned, so I played a bit with this boy (who I promise does wear clothes..sometimes).


I put him to bed and did a little of this.  


I put my comfiest sweats on, poured me a glass of wine and caught up on Nashville.  I told Tim it was so nice knowing that I had some time to myself.  


Saturday morning, we were up bright and early.  We dropped Hayden off at Tim’s parents and headed out for a full day of Christmas shopping.  Last year, my bff’s and I went to Canton and all bought these shirts.  We love them.  You will probably see me in it no less than 4 times in the next month, just sayin.  Anyways, I had my Starbucks, my list and I was ready to go.


We got so much done!  It’s amazing what you can accomplishwhen no one is bored, or having a fit because they can’t grab every little thing their chubby hands can grab.  I loved spending the day just Tim and I.  We might have even held hands :)


Saturday night, I got my baby fix and we took Michael and Kelli and their kiddo’s dinner.  We bought enough for everyone and welcomed ourselves into their home and ate too.  Oh I love baby snuggles.  She is so petite and tiny and I just wanted to take her home with me.  Then I remembered that I sleep and I value my sleep, so at the end of the night I didn’t slip her in my pocket and take her home like I wanted to.  


I caught this girl sitting like this in the back seat reading to Hayden on the way home.  If this isn’t the picture of her mama 27 years ago, I don’t know what is.  She is such a sweet sister and loves reading to him.  I think he was probably asleep at this point, but she didn’t care.  


Sunday we went to church and then did a whole lot of nothing.  My kind of Sunday.  


Another weekend on the books.  We have some fun stuff planned for next weekend, can’t it be Friday already?  

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Mix and Match Mama said...

I just love that shirt. You should wear it every single day for the next 40 days :).