Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Early Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving week!  I love Thanksgiving so much and I look forward to this time of year every year.  We had a fun weekend and spent some much needed time with family.  


I’m super close to my mom, dad and sister.  We grew up just the four of us, and we did everything together.  My parents have one of the best marriages I have ever seen.  Dani and I were super lucky to grow up in that environment.  We always laugh, we make fun of each other and we love each other to the ends of the earth.  


My mom is going out of town this year for Thanksgiving with her sister, dad and cousins.  They are going to Vegas, so with her not being here, we decided we still wanted to have our family Thanksgiving.  So, Saturday night we all came together and ate, and ate and ate some more!  


My dad fried the turkey (OMG, I don’t think I can eat one not fried now!) and my mom made her dressing.  Bobby and I did the sides and Dani did the wine!  We all have our talents :)  


My boy and I waiting patiently for the turkey to be done


We all took turns playing and occupying my hungry 1 year old


It’s time to eat!


I filled my plate full.  You only get this meal one time a year; I say eat till you’re stuffed.  Hey, it’s only once right?


At the table it has always been Dani and I on one side and Bobby and Tim across from us.  This year, we added in Landry to the boy’s side and Hayden to the girl’s side.  They loved being at the adult table!  


After dinner we sat around and talked and Landry talked Ninny into drawing a picture for her to color.  A little known fact about my sister is that she can draw.  Really well.  So she drew a Peppa Pig picture for Landry to color.  I only hope I’m half as good an aunt to her kids as she is to mine.  Landry and Hayden are so lucky to have wonderful aunts on both sides!


Bobby’s a pretty good uncle too!


Sunday morning, my children were up with the sunrise.  So, we sat around and played before everyone got up.  At first, I wasn’t too crazy about getting up so early, but then I realized that my time with these kids is precious.  They are only little for a short period of time and I need to soak up all the time I can with them.  So, we colored and we played.  I love my babies to the moon and back and love the one on one time I get with them.

It was a great weekend.  Time spent with family, some down time and lots of yummy food was consumed.  Now, the fun really starts.  We have two Thanksgivings on Thursday, and then the hubby and I have something special planned for the weekend.  I cannot wait!  Plus, it’s a short work week!  


Mix and Match Mama said...

What a fun Thanksgiving! You do have the sweetest family :)!

Dani Lewis said...

What a compliment! Thank you so much for that. I do love them so very much and take being an aunt very serious. Peppa Pig is on my fridge! Love y'all!