Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

I think I’m suffering from A Halloween Hangover!


This Halloween was such a good one!  Last Halloween was Hayden’s official first one, but he was only 3 weeks old, so this year I dressed him up and he was so cute!  I love Halloween!  To me, it’s the official start of the Holiday season and my favorite time of year.  


I’ve worked at Southwest Airlines for almost 10 years, and one of my favorite things this company does is go all out for Halloween.  They let you dress up and bring your kids and there are skits, carnival type booths and lots of candy!  I’ve brought Landry a few times, but now that she’s in school, it’s Hayden’s turn!  I didn’t want to put his costume on him for fear that he would get it dirty, so he wore his skeleton sweatshirt.  I’m so glad I put him in this, because it was super chilly.  I’m so glad I brought him.  A lot of my friends that I work with got to see/meet him and we had a great time.  


One of my traditions is taking the kids by Debbie’s school and letting her see them and show them off to her co-workers.  


Then, we went home and Hayden crashed!  It was good though because he needed a good nap before the night’s festivities.  My mom and dad came over too and helped me get them ready and see them in their costumes.  I did not get one single picture with them though!  


Since Halloween was on a Friday night, I thought it would be fun to go trick or treating with our friends.  The kids are old enough to enjoy it and they can stay out later since there was no school the next day.  We went over to the Boozers house and the Borgman's came too!  We had such a good time.  The kids ran from house to house while I pulled that wagon with Corby and Hayden.  


Landry and Ally both dressed up as Elsa and we bumped into two more Elsa’s along the way!


My little Olaf!


The girls


About 10 minutes in, Hayden had thrown his hat off and Charley was done with her wig, so Hil and I decided to wear them.  I love this girl!  She knows how to be silly and goofy with me!


How did this girl go from this (her first Halloween)


To  this?  


She’s growing up way too fast on me!


Landry loved trick or treating with the big kids this year.  She ran from house to house and was exhausted by the end of the night.  


When we got back to the Boozers house we ordered pizza and pretty much just crashed!  


We had such a blast with our friends and I realized how truly lucky I am to be their mama!


Now, I’ve got a super-size bag of Landry’s candy to dive into.  Happy Monday!



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Mix and Match Mama said...

Ahhhh! Happy Halloween to you and your sweet kiddos! I can't believe how quickly Hayden's first year flew by!