Thursday, February 4, 2016


Today the little girl that made me a mama turns seven!

I can't describe to you how much this little girl impacts our whole world. I mean, how did she go from this

To this in a blink of an eye?

Landry is a daddies girl all the way. Don't get me wrong, we are close, but give her the choice to go with Tim or I, and she chooses Tim every time. She adores him. They are buddies. They run errands together, they go to cheer practice together, he takes her to breakfast every Saturday morning before her games and she's always the first to greet him at the door when he comes home from work. 

She's a great big sister. The minute we get home from school she's in her room with Hayden playing school, or doing play doh or reading to him. She always makes sure he's taken care of. I have a feeling she'll be taking care of him his whole life. I fear for his future girlfriends! 

She and I are so close. She always wants to help me in the kitchen or watch me put my makeup on or pretty much do anything i'm doing! 

She loves Brody! He was born on her half birthday and she thinks that's pretty special! Even though she is six and a half years older than him I see her being really protective of him too! 

She's a natural born leader. She's always the one in her group telling the girls what to do and showing them how to do it. She earns the leader sticker in cheer almost every week. She always volunteers to hold the door or pass out papers in her class. And she's always the first to help someone when they don't know what to do. 

She's goofy. She knows how to have a lot of fun. She's silly. She tells jokes. She dances all the time even when there's no music on! 

She loves all her grandparents equally but she holds a special place for her Pop. Her and my dad have this bond that cannot be broken. I mean they will just look at each other and know what the other is thinking. It's so cool to see my dad with her. We always say, if Dani has a girl, we are in trouble! 

She's also really close to Tims sister Stephanie. They have slumber parties, they face time at least twice a week and Landry always runs to her the minute we see her. Steph doesn't have kids of her own and she's always had this bond with Landry and I love it. 

Landry loves her family. She's like me in that sense. She always wants to spend time with my parents and Tims parents. Anytime we are having people over she gets excited and anxiously awaits them coming. 

She's super smart. She's already reading on a second grade level and just keeps going when she's met a goal. She is such a learner and a go getter. And she always wants to be learning something or trying something new. I love that about her. 

She adores her friends. These girls are all younger than her and she loves that! Anytime we get together with all the kids she's the one corralling them and keeping them in line. We always know what the girls are up to because Landry is in charge! 

I can't even begin to tell you what this girl means to me. She's my friend, my girl, my cheerleader, and my baby. She's so sweet and always has kind words for others. I hope she never looses that quality. 

Love you Landry Kate Smith! 


Mix and Match Mama said...

I can't believe Landry Kate is SEVEN?!?! I remember the night she was born so clearly! Happy birthday sweet girl!!

Hilary Boozer said...

Happy bday Landry Kate, we sure love you!

Dani Lewis said...

I LOVE THIS POST! And I love that girl so very much. The day she was born, changed my life. I love her bond with everyone and I love that she loves Pop as much as she does. I agree with everything you said above. What a great post for her.

Ninny loves you sweet girl of mine!