Monday, February 8, 2016

Weekend Update

Another Monday is here. It has me longing for a little bit more weekend. We had such a good one. 

Hayden and I took cupcakes to Landry's class on her birthday and she was so excited showing off her brother!

For her birthday, Tims parents sent her a surprise. They sent her cookies and ice cream. She loved it!

That night we took her to her restaurant of choice. Her party is next month and I didn't want to not do something so we took her to Cheddars. She loves this place. 

Saturday morning we had Landry's game. She is absolutely loving cheering!

Hayden loves going to the games too. He especially loves eating daddy's snacks!

And sitting in mommy's lap

Saturday night Tim and I got a date night! Sushi was on the menu and it was yummy. Love date nights with this guy!

Sunday was Super Bowl. We decided to just stay home this year and chill. It was actually really nice. We made nachos and watched the game and all the commercials. I have to say, half time was the highlight for us. Landry and Hayden both were dancing the whole time. This boy sat by me the entire night. Love my snuggle time with him!

Such a great, fulfilling weekend. Time with my favorite people is always the best. 

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Mix and Match Mama said...

Cheddars...I mean, that Cookie Monster is just THE BEST!! I'm so glad Landry Kate had a great birthday!