Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Smiths do Disney- Disney day 3

Here we are on day three and the last day in Disney. My parents had a 90 minute session to sit thru so Tim and I decided to take Landry to Animal Kingdom to ride the safari ride. I love this ride! You get on a car and they take you all over this amazing property that has all kinds of animals. I knew Landry would love it and I was right!

Landry in front of the big tree in the middle of the park

After we left there we met up with my parents and headed to Hollywood Studios. 

We rode the Toy Story ride

So this next picture was sent to Dani. You see, every time we go she rides Rockin Roller Coaster with me and sits in the front row. It is by far my favorite ride. So I sent her this picture telling her I was missing her

It's ok though, cause this guy took one for the team and sat in the front row with me!

After we left the park we went back to the hotel and rested and got ready for dinner. We had reservations at our favorite place to eat, Ohana. It's in the Polynesian hotel, our favorite hotel. 

The next day we packed up and headed home. 

I just want to say a big thank you to my parents. They are always first in line when we talk about going to Disney and they are troopers walking the whole park and they are always up for anything we suggest. Love you both!

I've got a few random pictures I'll post tomorrow but I just have to say that this was one of our best trips yet. Can't wait until we go again!


Mix and Match Mama said...

Love, love, love the Animal Kingdom pictures!!!

Dani Lewis said...

Love that picture of mom, dad and Landry. And yes....that is by far my favorite ride. Glad you had someone to sit with until next time!

Laurie S said...

Great trip, Kara!