Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I've been looking forward to this Friday for a year. Why you ask? Because we leave for Disneyworld tomorrow!!!!

We load up super early and are driving with my parents there. There is so much going on around here lately that I've hardly had time to think about this trip but we are so excited! Disney is like a second home to us. It just makes us happy. 

So before we leave lets get to my favorite pics of the week. I'm linking up with Erika, Andrea and Narci. 

Babies don't keep...
I posted this picture on Instagram this week with the caption that I feel like I just had her yesterday and tomorrow she'll be leaving me for college. 
She is just getting so big and she is at such a great age. She loves helping me do stuff around the house, she has long conversations with me and she is so good with Hayden. I'm just really cherishing this time with her because before I know it she'll be deciding what prom dress to wear. 

One on One...
Our church does this great program called one on one with God. It's a 15 week study giving you the tools to learn how to study Gods word and get to know him more intimately. I took it a while back and about a month ago my bestie Hil asked if I wanted to help her lead a group. I was so excited. This study was so good for me back when I did it and I knew I could really use it now too! 
So far it's been so good! I love our groups and I love teaching people how to dive deeper into the bible. 

Her first trip...
My dad asked me the other day to send him the picture of Landry at her first trip to Disney. We took her for the first time at 6 months old! I loved that trip. She will never remember it but I always will. This will be her 4th time in 7 years to go and this one will always hold a special place for me. 

Paw Patrol...
So I mentioned last week that Hayden loves the tv show Mutt n Stuff but he also loves Paw Patrol. He knows most of their names and will just sit and be mesmerized. 
I just love him and his sweet spirit. We decided to not take him on this trip with us. A very hard decision on my part and I'm going to miss him so much! 

Girls just wanna have fun...
So, two weeks ago was Hilary's birthday. She ended up having her gallbladder removed on her birthday! We had a lunch scheduled so we postponed it to yesterday. I just love these girls. 
They support me in every way possible and always have my back. And our husbands are all friends and I think that's important too. 

I can't wait until tomorrow! I'll be posting on Instagram through the week and I'll recap our trip on here once we get back. 


Mix and Match Mama said...

You in the floral shorts just makes me HAPPY! And I love the last pic too :). Love you girls!

Laurie S said...

Have a great vacation! I like Paw Patrol, too - it's so cute. I'm in my 50s!