Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Big Girl

So, last week I walked in to get Landry up and discovered her sitting up in her crib! I have yet to actually witness her going from lying down to sitting up, but I have now walked in on her twice doing this. Tim and I decided it was time to lower the crib. It always makes me a little sad when we do things that grow her up just a bit. It is now a little harder for me to reach in there to get her, but it is easier for me to check in on her, because she can't just peep her head up and see me.

"Daddy, I'll supervise while you lower my crib"

"Or, I'll just sit here and gnaw on my toy while you work"

"Angel can help you"

"Mommy and I will just sit here and watch you"

"Yes Angel, I'm excited too"

"Yeah, all completed! Now I'll start plotting standing up so they will have to lower it again!"

1 comment:

The Shull Family said...

She's going to be pulling up on the rails before you know it! That smile is just TOO CUTE! I want to kiss her lips off!!