Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day

This weekend was a whirlwind! Friday night the three of us went to the Irving high game with the Thomas' and poor Landry and Austin fell asleep in their mamma's arms! It was fun though. Saturday we laid low, then went to a birthday dinner for my mom at Chuy's. Sunday morning we went to church and then headed out to Commerce to Tim's aunt's house. We had a good ol' fashioned fish fry with all the fixins. Hushpuppies, cole slaw, onion rings, french fries and then chocolate cake for dessert. We were stuffed. Monday we had a birthday party for my mom and celebrated Labor Day.

This is the only thing I have labored through, and it was well worth it I might add!

Landry labored through eating her first teething biscuit. She loved it, but boy are those things messy.

My Grammy labored getting on the floor with Landry! I love my Grammy. She still gets on the floor and plays with Landry and Landry loves it!

Pictures from Landry at Aunt Diane's house

Hope you all had a great weekend as well.

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