Friday, September 18, 2009

Think Pink

So, a year ago today, Tim and I were finding this out. Somewhere deep in my body I knew I was having a girl. I grew up playing with dolls and had always dreamed of having a girl. Don't get me wrong, had God blessed us with a boy we would have been just as excited. I just knew we were meant to have a girl first. I love having a girl. I love the bows, the pink and all the frills that come with a girl. I am such a girlie girl, so if Landry turns out to be a tomboy, Tim is all over that! Haha!

Here are some pics of me and my girl and one of her playing with her doll


Mandi Tompkins said...

Hey momma!! How are you?? Landry is beautiful! I can't believe she is so big. Oh my goodness. You look so happy! I hope all is well. Miss you!

The Shull Family said...

What sweet pictures!!! I'm so glad we had girls! Landry's face just lights up when she's with you!