Wednesday, November 4, 2009

9 Months Old

Today marks a very special day. I have officially had Landry outside my belly for as long as I had her inside. I can't decide which one went by faster. I'm pretty sure it is her on the outside. My pregnancy seemed to last forever! I feel like mine and her lives are flashing right before our very eyes. She is getting so big and doing so many new things and it just makes me want to cry and burst at the seems all at the same time. Here are some new things we are doing at 9 months old.

1. She is cruising all the time. She of course crawls to get from A to B, but she loves to stand and cruise from the table to the ottoman to the couch to the chair. She just looks so grown up to me when she is standing.
2. She makes the funniest noises. If you have been around her for any length of time you know what I am talking about. She makes this noise that comes from her throat. It is so hard to explain. I need to put a video of it up. She only does it when she thinks something or someone looks funny or if she thinks she is getting away with something.
3. She is slowly learning how to share. I only try to point out the positive in these monthly timelines, but lately she just likes to take any toy you have in your hands away.
4. She loves Dada. The minute he walks in the door or comes into her room her face lights up. I know she loves me, but with him it is different, it's like she knows he is her daddy, her protector. I just love seeing the two of them interact. It melts my heart.
5. She is a people person. She has the best personality. She will talk or go to anyone and just look them up and down to see what they are wearing and then she will talk or play with them. I love her personality and that she is a people person. Hopefully she will always be this way.

Landry Kate, you are growing up so big right before your daddy's and my eyes. These last 9 months have been filled with laughter and fun. I cannot wait to see you develop more of your personality. Thank you for being mommy's best friend. We love you.

Also, I wanted to put her stats on here from her 9 month check up. Weight:24 lbs (100% percentile) Height: 30 inches (100% percentile) Head: 15.5 cm (75% percentile) As you can see, we have a big baby! Dr. Olivo said that was good and that she is very healthy! Here are some pictures I took while we were at the Dr's office waiting.

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