Friday, November 20, 2009

A little of this and that

This week was a busy one! We have been gone every night! Here are some random pictures we took this week.

This was Monday night at prayer night. First I must tell you that Landry doesn't usually just go around naked. We were in the middle of putting her pajamas on her.

Tim and Robbie think it is hilarious to put things on Landry and Austin's heads and take pictures. These poor kids, they have no clue we just sit and laugh at them!

This is how she looked when I woke her up this morning. My little Houdini got out of her outfit sometime through the night. I think it's funny that she closes her eyes when she is laughing.

She loves to just sit by herself and play with her toys. Such a good little girl.

Her first time to eat cheese! She loved it! If you know our family, this is exciting. Tim does not eat a lot of cheese, so I'm hoping she will love it like I do.

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