Tuesday, May 4, 2010

15 Months Old

Today our girl turns 15 months old. This month has definitely been one of the toughest so far. She is turning into a little fireball! Here are some things she is doing this month.
*She is wearing size 24 month clothes. We can still squeeze her into 18 month tops, but the bottoms must be 24 months!
*She is in a size 5W shoe! Girl has some Fred Flintstone feet!
*She got her 2nd haircut this month. We have also noticed that she is slowly turning into a blondie! I had white blonde hair growing up, so it will be nice to maybe have another blondie in the family!
*We are in full blown toddler mode this month. I have realized that gone are the days when she could just sit in my lap and be content. The only time she will is at night when we are rocking and reading our books.
*We still are not saying many words. She has learned how to say Angel, but still no momma on a consistent basis. Da-da and Angel top our list of words. I see where I rank!

Love you Landry Kate!

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