Monday, May 3, 2010

Fun, Fun, Fun!

This weekend was so much fun!  On Friday, mom and I drove to Clyde, and stayed with my aunt and her family.  Every year, they have this city wide garage sale where a lot of the homes put out stuff to sale.  We love to go every year and laugh at some of the stuff people put out there!  We had such a good time.  Whenever my mom and aunt get together, we have so much fun, they make me laugh till my side hurts! 
While, my mom and I were out of town, my dad and Tim watched Landry!  She has these two wrapped around her finger and had so much fun with her guys.  When we got back we all went to dinner and then walked around the mall.  We realized we did not bring her stroller, and my girl weighs a good 30 pounds, so we rented one of those mall strollers.  She loved it!  We got her a milkshake and this is what she did with it. 
It is so funny, because they really do learn from watching others.  This is how I drive when I have my coffee or my sonic drink in my hand!

Sunday was senior Sunday at our church and we honored the kids that are graduating this year. 
We are a little sad this year because Tim and I are close to this class, but I am especially close to my girls, Kyndall and Erin.  I have mentioned them before.  They are both going to Mississippi College and while I am excited for them, I am sad at the same time.  I love these girls, and I will miss them so much!  Melissa and I promised to go on a road trip next year to visit them! 
How did I end up being the tallest here?  That never happens!
Terri and I had these girls for bible study this year, so we got up and spoke to them and challenged them for next year while they are in college.  I was really nervous and got a little emotional talking to them!
Landry did not accompany us to this, but Austin did!  It was so fun playing with him and getting to feed him chocolate cheesecake.  I love this little boy as if he was my own!
Here is our graduating class of 2010.  Wow, Tim and I graduated in 2000, so this just seems weird to me to be saying class of 2010! 
10 years later, and we still look like we are in high school!  Haha, that was a joke!
Love this girl! 
That about wraps up our weekend.  Now, tis Monday morning again!

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