Friday, May 7, 2010

Some things I have learned from being a mom

 I have learned how to fall in love at first site
I have learned humility

I have learned that you can function on 3 hours of sleep and a good cup of coffee

I have learned that you can love your husband more as you see him become a daddy

I have learned that you can make mistakes and your baby will love you regardless

I have learned that you will call your mom multiple times a week and ask her advice

I have learned that a deodorant stick and comb can occupy a toddler for a good 20 minutes while you shower and put make up on

I have learned that you will leave the house and come back at least once because you forgot the sippy cup or snacks

I have learned to be humble

I have learned that when your child hurts, you hurt worse

I have learned that in a pinch, the contents of your purse can make for great entertainment

I have learned to just smile and go along with the ride

Most of all, I have learned that you can't know how much you will love someone until you are a mother yourself. 

Thank you Landry for teaching mommy how to be a mommy!

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