Saturday, May 10, 2014

Being a Mom

The greatest job God has ever bestowed upon me is being a mom.  Being a mom is my favorite job in the world.  My kids are so important to me, and I take being a mom very seriously.  That being said, this house runs on lots of laughs.  We do not take things to seriously.  


6 years ago, I found out I was pregnant with Landry, and my world changed forever.  I never knew what being a mom consisted of.  


It takes guts


It takes laughter


It takes humility


It takes determination


But most of all, it takes love


I have a full time job outside of the home, but ask me what my job is, and I’ll tell you it’s being Landry and Hayden’s mom.  Nothing comes before them.  

 Except Tim.  I’m a firm believer that God comes first, then my marriage, then my kiddos.  And it works for us.  


So today, when I reflect on what being a mom has meant to me, I think about all the joy my kids bring to me on a daily basis.  My little family completes me, and makes me who I am.  


I believe in supporting other moms.  I have lots of friends.  And most of them are moms.  Some seasoned, some new, and some in the same place as me.  Whenever I get asked for advice, I will always give them what works for me, but then I always end it with “but you are their mom, and you know what is best”. Every mom is different.  But, we all should support each other no matter the beliefs.  


 Yesterday, I got to spend some time with my mom.  Growing up, I always thought I had the best mom.  She did everything for Dani and I, and I mean everything.  She loved us unconditionally.  I never thought for a second that she didn’t.  And seeing her as a grandmother makes me love her even more, because she is the same way with Landry and Hayden.  I strive every day to be just like her.  She is a Godly, sweet, caring and passionate person.  

 My mother in law Debbie is such a great mom too.  I have known her since I was 17, and I consider her a mom too.  She treats me as if I was her own child, and I love that.  Tim and Steph even joke sometimes, that I’m her number one kid!  She loves my children and never hesitates to do anything for us when I ask her.  I pray someday to have that kind of relationship with Hayden’s wife that her and I have.  


God has blessed me with two wonderful role models to look at.  


Landry and Hayden continually challenge me and make me strive to be a better mama.  I’m learning something new every day.  


Happy Mother’s Day!

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Mix and Match Mama said...

You do have so many amazing women surrounding you! You are one blessed mama (and daughter, and wife, and daughter-in-law, and granddaughter and sister).