Monday, May 5, 2014

Our fun 5 weekend

Since today is 5/5, I thought I would write about the 5 fun things we did this weekend.  If you follow me on Instagram, bear with me, you’ve seen these pictures!  


On Friday night, our group of friends went to dinner and an improv club.  All the girls are in Zumba together, and we have a girl in our class who is in the improv group and she invited us all to watch her.  It was so fun!  No kids, a great dinner and time with my friends?  I’ll take it!  

Since we were going to be out late Friday night, my in laws had the kids, so Saturday morning I slept in, then got up and had my coffee while I did my bible study.  It was so nice spending time in the word in the peace and quiet existence my house was in.  Although, I did miss my babies terribly.  

Saturday night, we went over to Tim’s 
parents house to celebrate Steph and her Birthday.  We had yummy fajitas and cookie cake.  My kids were wiped by the time we left!

Sunday morning, Tim woke up not feeling well, so I braved church on my own with the kids.  Luckily, they were both well rested and in good moods, so it actually wasn’t too bad!

Sunday afternoon, after the grocery store and naps, we all climbed into mine and Tim’s bed and watched Frozen.  We’ve seen this movie a ton of times, but we still love it!  


We had such a great weekend.  I love spending such quality time with my people.  Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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Mix and Match Mama said...

I love that you did this on 5/5! What a fun weekend you had! The first picture is so good of you girls! You are all gorgeous!