Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day weekend

Well, it’s Tuesday so that means it’s a short week for us here in the Smith house!  


We had such a great weekend, that getting up this morning to get to the gym was almost impossible, but I did it!  

We spent most of the weekend at my parent’s house with our family and had such a great time!


Here we are, Friday morning ready to take on the day and get our 3 day weekend started!


Friday, when we arrived at my parents, Landry was more excited than Christmas morning.  A few months ago, my parents decided to buy a play set for my kids and their future grandchildren.  Landry has been waiting for this weekend for months now and was so excited to play and swing.  


This little guy loved his baby swing


My parents are so good to my kids and we are blessed that they have the backyard they do and have the room for this.  


Saturday morning, Tim put Landry in bed with me so we could sleep some more and I caught her at the window staring at it and I asked her what she was doing and she said “just looking at my swing set”.  She is so sweet.  

We decided we had made Landry wait long enough, so we put her swimsuit on her and let her get in.  


Saturday night, we went to see Million Dollar Arm with my parents.  


Sunday, we got our suits on and waited.  Hayden was so cute with his suit and hat on, I just love this boy.  


It reminded me of Landry on her first summer with her swimsuit and hat on.


Bobby and Dani and my in laws came too.  My kiddos love playing on the floor with Dani and Bobby.


Here I am with my little man, upset that we didn’t get to get in the pool.  It ended up raining for most of the afternoon, and I didn’t want any of us getting sick, so I let Landry get in for a bit, but kept Hayden out.  He didn’t seem to mind much though, look at that smile!  


We ended the weekend yesterday by hanging out at Tim’s parent’s house and then we came home and crashed!  Such a fun weekend followed by a short week, I love it!

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Mix and Match Mama said...

Your sweet girl is getting so BIG! I just love her long hair! And that sweet Hayden...he is such a cutie pie! Love you all!