Thursday, May 29, 2014

All about Landry

Since today is officially Landry’s last day of pre-k, I thought it only fitting to make this post about her.  Landry is my first born, my only girl and my best friend.  She made me a mama and makes me proud to see what I’ve accomplished when I look at her.  (Yes, Tim had a hand in some of it too :))


Just some facts about Landry:


She’s silly


She loves her baby brother and takes being a big sister seriously


She loves her babies


She is my mini me (rollers, dessert, crossed legs and all)


She has the best attitude


She’s lost 3 teeth


She starts kindergarten in the fall, and is so excited!


She loves to perform and puts on a show for us and her babies almost every night


She loves to be playing outside


She loves donuts


She loves to accessorize just like her mama


She’s my girl


This year in Pre-k has taught her a lot.  She’s grown so much in these 9 months.  A lot has come her way.  She takes everything in stride and never complains and at the end of the day when I think I haven’t done a good job of being her mama, she gives me a hug and tells me “I’m the best mama ever” and I’m reassured I’m doing a pretty good job with her.


Love you LKS

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