Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Day in the Life Updated

A few months ago, I did a day in the life post.  I love doing these just to look back and see what a typical day is like for me.  That way when I'm older I can see just how busy I was in this season of life!  Since I'm not working I thought it would be fun to do an updated version of what a typical day is like.  I picked last Thursday because I knew we had some fun activities planned plus a few of our daily routines mixed in.  Also, I would like to note that my husband is nowhere to be found in any of these pictures.  For two reasons, he's gone before I usually put my feet on the floor and because he hates his picture being made.  So, here is a day in the life of me...

6:00- Up and at em.  When I first started being at home I would get up at 6:30, but I discovered that I like getting my workout in before the house is awake.  So, I get up at 6 and workout.  I have been doing Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30 series and I love it!  It's only 30 minutes of my day but it hits every major body part. 

6:30- After my workout comes my favorite part of the morning.  I pour my coffee and sit down to my quiet time.  I'm doing a study right now on being thankful and I love the lessons I'm getting from it.  It has really made me sit back and feel gratitude for the blessings in my life. 

7:00- I pack Landry's lunch

7:05- I get this sweet girl up.  She is so much like me.  Most mornings she greets me with a smile ready to conquer the day.  Landry eats her breakfast and does her bible study.  My Grammy gave Landry a kids bible a few years ago and she loves it!  We've been doing a few stories a day. 

7:30- I get Hayden up and he eats breakfast.  This is also when Landry and I head upstairs and brush her teeth and fix her hair. 

7:40- We head to school.  We are in countdown mode for summer.  Every morning on the way to school she asks me how many more days.

8:00- I make my breakfast.  I gave the recipe for the smoothie a few weeks ago and last week I started adding in protein powder.  It has helped to keep me full for most of the morning.  This is also the point in my day when I blog if I'm going to.

8:30- Hayden and I play.  He loves to be outside so if it's a nice morning we head outside.  Otherwise, we play in his room. 

8:31- I literally walked away for a minute and came back to this.  I'm going to have to put a lock on this kids diaper drawer!

9:00- Hayden goes down for his morning nap and I begin getting ready for the day.  Makeup, curl my hair and brush my teeth. 

10:00- Snack time.  I like to eat six small meals a day.  I've done this for years and I'm never really hungry which is a good thing if you've been around me hungry :)  Right now I'm snacking on a string cheese and walnuts with almonds.

10:30- I get dressed and ready for the day.  I also stop and give my girl a smooch. 

11:00- I get Hayden up from his nap and get him dressed

11:30- On this day we were headed to Irving to visit my Grammy and Grandaddy.  I stopped at Sonic to grab us lunch.  Interesting fact about me- I worked at Sonic all throughout high school and some of college.  I loved this job!  I made really good spending money and I loved seeing my friends come up and visit me while I was working. 

12:00- Since Dani is working part time right now we invited her to come too and she gladly accepted.  We love seeing Ninny!  I love that my grandparents are still young enough to play with my kids and interact with them just like they did Dani and I.  They are such Godly, awesome people who set a great example for my kids. 

2:00- We head home to get Landry from school.  I'm not usually this early to carpool line but I didn't want to go home and get right back out so Hayden and I sat in the car with the windows rolled down and listened to music.  He loves music!  If a song comes on and I start singing he sings right along with me! 

3:00- We get Landry and head home.  Hayden goes down for his afternoon nap and Landry heads to her room to play or watch TV.  This is usually the time when I start prepping dinner. 

5:00- Landry hollers and asks me if she can get Hayden up and I gladly accept the help.  10 minutes later I walk in her room to find this.  Hayden has discovered her ladder up to her bed.  Oh Lord, help me!  You will also notice that two hours ago this room was clean :)

5:30- I have an event to go to this evening so I start getting ready to head out.  This is also the time of day Tim is heading home from work.  Hayden notices me getting ready and this is his reaction.  I think that is probably the only drawback to me being with him all day every day.  He's attached to me...literally!

6:00- Ready to head out!  Tim walks in and I tag him in and me out and head out the door.

6:30- I meet my sister at the club my parents belong to for a wine dinner.  My parents usually attend but they happened to be out of town this week so Dani and I gladly accepted.  With Dani being pregnant she couldn't really participate but she comes for the yummy food and conversation with her favorite sister! 

8:00- I head home and check on my babies.  Tim does such a great job feeding them, bathing them and tucking them in.  I tell him I should go out more often :)

8:30- I get ready for bed

9:00- I get in bed and watch Big Bang Theory.  I only watch this show in reruns but I love it!  I sometimes will also catch up on any shows on the DVR. 

10:00- Tim comes to bed and this is usually the time when I'm drifting off into dreamland. 

Whew!  That was a full day.  I can't say enough how much I love being home.  I love that every day is different and new and yes, sometimes it's boring, but it is what you make it. 


Dani Lewis said...

That's a great photo of us. So stealing it. Love you!

Kerry Gale said...

I enjoy reading your blog! What bible study are you doing that focuses on being thankful?


Kerry Gale said...

I enjoy reading your blog! What bible study are you doing on being thankful?


Kara said...

Kerry- it's on the bible app on my phone. It's called The Power of Being Thankful. Thanks!