Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Weekend Update

We had such a great weekend! 

It started Friday with Landry's field day.  When I was in elementary school I loved field day.  I looked forward to it all year.  Back then we got ribbons for first, second and third place and I always strived for that blue ribbon.  Landry is no different.  They don't award places anymore, but she was really competitive.  She had such a good time in all the courses and I had a good time watching her and her friends together.

Friday afternoon Tim called and asked if we wanted to take Landry to the Ranger game.  If your counting that's two games in one week.  We rarely ever go and now we went twice in one week.  It was such a beautiful night and since it was Friday is was fireworks night. 

She had such a good time!  We let her eat whatever she wanted and get a shirt. 
I just love this kid.  When you get her alone she is really funny and has the best personality.

Saturday we went over to my parents house to hang out and Landry begged to put her swimsuit on and get in.  I couldn't believe she actually did it. 

Well monkey see, monkey do and brother wanted in too
It was so cold but they loved it.  Well, Hayden loved it for a few minutes then was ready to get out!

Saturday night, Tim grilled yummy steaks and corn on the cob.  Hayden was sitting in my lap when dinner was over and grabbed my corn and just started sucking on it.  It was hilarious.  He loved it.

Sunday my parents came over to hang out and mom and I went shopping.  I had such a good time hanging out with just her.  We never get that time anymore so when we do I cherish it.  Plus she's a really good helper at running and getting me different sizes :)

I just love weekends spent with my family. 

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Mix and Match Mama said...

Sweet pictures of your sweet family! Love!!