Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Weekend in Clyde

This last weekend we went to Clyde for our annual trip for their towns garage sales.  I love going to this little town.  My aunt and uncle moved here 21 years ago and we love visiting them here.  It's such a cute little town and pretty much every garage sale we go to my aunt knows the person that lives there. 

I've always had such a good relationship with my Aunt Karen.  When I was growing up she lived close to us and she is a teacher so in the summer we would always go to her house and hang out with her.  Before she married my uncle Steve we would spend the night and she would paint our nails and make us junk food, you know what every good aunt should do!  Plus, she's the only other blond in our family so that makes her special too :)

My mom usually goes with us every year but this year her and my dad went out of town so she couldn't come.  We missed her coming so we sent her this picture of us missing her. 

My girl.  She loves going to this every year with us.  We give her some money to keep in her purse and this year she used it to buy a toy for her brother.  She has such a giving heart and I love that about her. 

She also found a house that was giving away kittens and asked if she could bring it home.  Um no. 

You never know what you're going to find in Clyde.  You might even find a goat for sale.  #yesthatsreallyagoat

My cousin Brett turns 21 today so while we were there we celebrated his birthday.  We went to one of our faves, Texas Roadhouse.  I love my cousins.  It was just Dani and I for a while and Chase came along when I was 10 so he has always been like a little brother to us.  Then Brett was born when I was 13 so he was one of my first babysitting jobs!  Love these guys so much.

Landry loves them too!

I still cannot believe this guy is 21! 

Our little family had such a good time and Landry got some extra attention without her brother there! 

It's ok though because he was getting special attention with Tim's parents!


Dani Lewis said...

I LOVE that photo of Lou and the boys and the one of her smiling up at Tim. I swear she is turning into a mini you in looks. Love my Lou!

Mix and Match Mama said...

I love your Aunt Karen too! She is just so, so, so sweet!!