Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Our crazy, scary weekend!

This weekend was so crazy; I’m not sure where to even begin.  We had a little scare with Landry, and I’ll get to that later.  


But first, we had a Birthday party to attend Saturday morning.  Our friends have two boys and two girls, both sets are only two years apart, so she does their parties together.  I love this idea!  They both have pretty much the same set of friends, so it works out perfectly.  Lizzie was turning 4 and Brooklyn turned 2.  It was an under the Sea party.  My friend Jenn is so creative.  She has more creativity in her pinky then I have in my whole body.  


The girls each got mermaid tails to wear


While the boys had shark fins!

All of our friends were there


She had super cute game booths set up, carnival style.  


And the take home gift?  Well, meet Dory, the newest member of the Smith clan.  


This is where our day takes a bit of a turn.  


So, after the party, we headed to Flower Mound to stay with my parents.  They had a dinner party to go to Saturday night, so Tim and the kids and I ordered dinner in and just vegged out on the couch.  I put Hayden to bed, and Landry kept telling me she was tired, so I put her in on my parent’s bed and put her TV on and left her in there.  My parents came home around 10, and they went into their room to get ready for bed.  My dad said Landry was asleep when they walked in, so he started nudging her to move over so he could lay with her.  It was then, that we got a shock.  Landry started convulsing and shaking and not talking.  My dad screamed for me to come in there and when I turned that corner I was immediately brought back to when she was 13 months old and I got the call from Tim that she was being taken to Children’s hospital.  My dad and Tim got cold rags for her and I called 911.  They came within 3 minutes and at that time;she was still convulsing and not speaking.  They took her temperature and it had gotten up to 103.7!  So, they said they would need to take her by ambulance to the hospital.  They loaded her up on the stretcher and she and I rode in the ambulance while Tim and my dad followed.  I cannot begin to explain what it is like seeing your child on a stretcher in an ambulance.  I tried to stay as calm as I could for Landry’s sake.  She finally came to in the ambulance but was so scared, so I just stayed with her and held her hand the whole ride there.  We got to the hospital and she was admitted into a room where we waited for 2 hours while they gave her fluids and medicine and took some tests.  It was a febrile seizure, which is what I had already known.  Her body just spiked a super high fever really fast and it didn’t handle it well.  I was so glad once they said we could take her home.  She was so brave!  She is so resilient and I’m so glad that all turned out well.  I told her she wasn’t allowed to give mommy a scare like that again.  


So, when we finally got home we all crashed.  Tim ended up going to church and the rest of us decided it would be fun to head to the local pumpkin patch.  Landry was feeling better and wanted to get out of the house.  I’m so glad we went.  It was a beautiful morning and the pumpkin patch wasn’t to terribly crowded yet.  


We rode the train.  

And posed on pumpkins


I love spending time with my parents!


Sunday afternoon, Dani came over and we just sat outside and talked and we were so exhausted that we all just crashed when we got home.  


It was definitely a weekend I will never forget.  I love my babies so much.  I’m just praying this never happens to her again.  Through all of this, I realized what kind of support team I really have.  Within minutes of texting all my friends, they were on their knees praying for us.  A couple even offered to come sit with us or watch Hayden.  God has been so good to us!

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