Thursday, October 9, 2014

Playing catch up

The last few weeks in the Smith house have been super busy!  It seems like we have something every night during the week and then the weekends are go, go, go!  Here are a few things we have done in the last week.


A few Saturday’s ago we threw a surprise baby shower for our friend Kelli.  Kelli has 3 boys and is having a girl!  We are all so excited that we decided to give her a little shower with just our close friends and it was so much fun.  The theme was pink, pink and more pink!  Between the 6 of us, there were 18 kids there!  And they all love each other and play really well together, so they all sat at Jenn’s big table and ate together.  


I love my friends!  They will get on the floor and play with my son as if he were their own.  


God has been so good to bless me with these friends.  2 years ago when Tim and I joined this church I never would have dreamed that he would bless us with these friends.  We’ve known the Boozers and Towerys for years and I love that we have kept our friendship intact for all these years.  



A few weeks ago, my Granddaddy retired.  My Granddaddy means the world to me.  Growing up he was always one of my heroes.  I just loved being around him.  Last Wednesday his company threw him a retirement party.  He has worked for this company for 38 years and has put a lot of sweat and love into Spring Engineers.  Some of my favorite childhood memories include going to this building and running around and sitting in Granddaddys office chair.  


He had a great turnout from his office and our whole family came minus my cousins in college.  


This picture is a great example of the marriage my grandparents have.  She has always stood by him.  I am so lucky to have great examples of what marriage means set by them and my parents.  


Love you Granddaddy!


So, last Saturday we loaded up and headed to the State Fair of Texas.  We took my parents, Dani and Tim’s parents.  We had such a good time!  I’m so blessed that my parents and Tim’s parents are friends.  They all love doing stuff together and when we are all together it is a circus.  


We ate some yummy food.  Landry and I shared a corn dog and a grilled cheese.


Tim tried the steak dinner on a stick and loved it.  


Landry got to ride a bunch of rides and Tim’s dad got on one with her.  He’s such a good Bumpa!


Our picture with Big Tex!


This is how Hayden looked leaving.  My boy was wiped out!

Love this time of year with my favorite people!  This weekend is a big one! My baby boy turns ONE!!!


Mix and Match Mama said...

Ahhhh! So good! I especially love the picture of you and your grandpa. So sweet! XOXO

Dani Lewis said...

That picture of y'all in front of Big Tex turned out great!!!!!!!! Had so much fun going. Love you