Monday, October 27, 2014

Smith Family Fun

Saturday night, we had Smith family fun night!  I love Halloween.  I most love carving a pumpkin.  This year, I found a huge one, and Landry was chomping at the bit all day to carve it.  We ran a bunch of errands, and then it was finally time to carve!  


This pumpkin was way bigger that I thought.  But, we drew the face and Landry really wanted to help.  So, I gave her the yucky part and handed her all the guts to throw in the trash for me!  I’m such a good mama. 


Here is our before

And the after!


It turned out a little crooked, but Landry loved it!


Then, we got to make our food.  I made mummy dogs, potato shaped pumpkins and boo cups!


Landry then wanted to make her princess pumpkin.  She had gotten this Mrs. Potato head kit that goes on a pumpkin to put in her room.  It turned out really cute!


After we cleaned up everything, we headed upstairs to watch Hocus Pocus!  I loved this movie growing up.  Within 5 minutes of turning it on, Landry was asleep!  We had such a fun evening together though.  


Love this family of mine!

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Mix and Match Mama said...

Woohoo for fall fun!!! I love your Jack-o-lantern!!