Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hayden's Happenings

So, last week I shared about life lately with Landry.  Today I'm going to share about what's been happening with our baby boy.

Hayden turned 18 months old last week.  I feel like this time is flying by for me.  He is turning into such a sweet little boy.  Here are some things Hayden has been up to.

He loves hats!  If there is a hat anywhere to be found it will be on his head.

He can fall asleep faster than anyone in this house, especially in his car seat.

He was not a fan of the snow.  He hated the sand last year and the snow this year.  He likes his feet on solid ground!

He loves his toothbrush!  If he sees it, it goes immediately in his mouth.  Then he will walk around with it forever.

He loves watching his sister practice or play tee ball.  He will sit in his stroller for the full hour of practice and just watch.  When they do something good and we clap, he claps too. 

He loves Angel.  I'm not quite sure she reciprocates the feelings, but she's really good with him.  She will let him lay on her and put blankets on her and pat her head. 

He is my shadow.  Now that I'm home all day with him, he doesn't leave my side.  This is usually the sight I see when I look down at my feet.

He got his first haircut!  It was getting pretty shaggy in the back and on top.  Getting pretty mullet-like.  So, we took him to our friend Amy and she did her magic.  I love the way it looks now! 

He loves being outside.  In fact, one of his new words is outside.  If he's upstairs and he hears the back door open, he will bolt down those stairs backwards.  And if I say "Angel, let's go potty", he knows what that means too and will run to the back door.

He loves Daddy!  The minute Tim walks into the door from work, he runs to him and says "Hi, dada".  The other day we went and visited daddy at work and Hayden loved it.  A huge warehouse for him to run and play in!

He loves being in his wagon.  Since it's so pretty out now, we've been walking to get Landry from school and he loves it! 

This boy has my heart and he knows it.  I love my girl, but there is something about having a little boy look up at you with those big eyes and just be in love with you. I know it won't last long, so I'm soaking up all this love from him. 


Mix and Match Mama said...

I cannot believe that sweet boy is already 18 months old! Goodness! He is just so precious!

Dani Lewis said...

I love you Hayden!