Thursday, April 16, 2015

Life Lately with Landry

I thought with my absence that an update individually on each of my kiddos was due.  Today's update is on Landry. 

Life lately with Landry has been interesting.  Since she turned 6, we can definitely see her personality coming out more.  She is turning into such a sweet little girl, who is my mini me.  She absolutely loves her babies, and the minute she gets home from school she runs up to her room to play with them and her new favorite thing to do is play school.  She has already told me she wants to be a teacher when she grows up, and I can already see that being a good profession for her.  I told her she will change her mind at least a million times, but for now she loves to pretend she is their teacher.  She asked me last week to take a class photo of her and her kids :)

Landry has a love/hate relationship with her brother.  She loves to get him up in the mornings and she loves to help him eat or to help him get stuff down off a tall shelf.  But, the minute he sets foot in her room, he's a goner.  I hear at least three times a day "Mom, come get Hayden out of my room".  Oh sister, if you only knew.  You've got many more years of him torturing you.  I can remember Dani and I being younger and she would copy me, and I hated it.  Now when she wants to copy me, I love it!  It's a compliment!

She loves to be outside.  If it's a beautiful day, she is usually headed to the trampoline or on her scooter.  If I can't find her, the first thing I do is look out the back door and I will usually see her strolling her babies out there or jumping.  She is counting down the weeks of school left so she can start swimming.  I see lots of pool time in our future this summer!

About six weeks ago, she started playing tee ball.  At first, she was so excited about it.  She couldn't wait to put her uniform on and get out there.  Now, it's a struggle.  We have discovered that she is the type of person that if she's not good at something she won't do it.  This is so frustrating. Tim keeps telling her that she's committed at least for this season, so we are fighting through it.  I hate that she's not loving it, but who knows, maybe she will come around!

As I mentioned yesterday, we took her to see Cinderella at the eat in movie theatre.  She loved the movie, and she loved that her Ninny bought her an Icee! 

She is such a sweet little girl, but she definitely has an attitude!  She likes to be the boss, which makes her the perfect first child.  The other night, she and I were walking to a restaurant down the street from our house and she asked if she could hold my hand.  No prompting on my part.  I melted.  She's getting to the age where affection is a thing of the past.  But, occasionally I'll see her still want to lay with me or hold my hand and I love it!  This girl is the light of our lives and I'm loving spending more time with her lately. 

So, that pretty much sums up Landry Kate.  Next week, I'll give an update on Hayden!


Dani Lewis said...

I love you Lou. So very much! -Ninny

Mix and Match Mama said...

Such a sweet girl Miss Landry is!! I love that you're posting about each of them separately :).

Robbie and Melissa said...

Still can't believe she is 6!! Such a big girl already! Give her lots of hugs from us!