Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Playing Catch-up

So, I took a little blogging hiatus, and boy has a lot happened in those two months off!  I figured it was time to dust off this old blog and start documenting our life again.  I'm going to be posting on all that has happened to us in the next week. 

Today's post is pictures of our life lately.

Valentines Day, I got a date with this guy.  Love our one on one time together, even if it is in a movie!

We've been outside a lot lately jumping on the trampoline

We had a snow day!  It only snows here maybe twice the whole year and when it does we always head outside to play in it and make snowballs.

We took Landry to see Cinderella at the movie theatre.  She loved the movie, the girl time with my mom and sister and the fact that you get to eat dinner while the movie is playing.  I see many movie dates in our future!

Landry's friend, Ally has a Sweet n Sassy birthday party where the girls got to dress up like Cinderella and have their hair and makeup done then walk the runway.  All the girls looked so cute!  My girl is super shy when she doesn't know anyone so she was a little intimidated at first, but once she warmed up she had a blast!  I just love these girls and that they are growing up together!

So, in a future post, I'll explain while I'm home but as of now, I'm officially a stay at home mama!  I think Hayden loves it more than I do!  One of the things I was so excited for was to be able to participate in  our womens bible study.  I've loved it! 

Tim and I were out of town Easter morning but that didn't stop me from getting Easter pictures of my kids!

Last week, my sister and I got to go on a date with our daddy!  My mom was working so he took us up to his club for dinner and some wine.  It was yummy!  Love this special time with my daddy!

I think that about sums of some of our activities lately. I can't wait to get back to blogging and writing about our lives!


Dani Lewis said...

Welcome back!

Mix and Match Mama said...

That first picture of you and Tim is soooooo good!!! Love that you're back mama!